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Which Shops Stock LED Bulbs And Are They Cheaper Than Low Energy Bulbs?

They are not quite as cheap as low energy bulbs yet but they are getting there.

When I think about how much a bulb costs, it is also worth thinking about the running cost. For example, lets say you have four spotlights in your kitchen, it costs £80 a year to run those, whereas LEDs will cost £7 a year to run. The 'payback' time calculation is important. It might be tempting to buy the cheap non energy-efficient bulbs, but in the long term you will be better off.

You can buy them in many places now - all DIY stores, lighting shops and online. Have a look at my guide at the end to making the right choices for you. There is nothing wrong at all with using modern low-energy bulbs (the new ones come on instantly too) if that is what our budgets lends itself to.